• 2021-05-13 13:32:56


  • The era of schoolroom-based education is decreasing. A replacement era of offline education has begun to flourish. It's driven by technology and can definitely still make advancements in the coming years. One of the crucial aspects of any education is the examination. Just in the case of online education, switching over to online examination has become a pressing necessity to match the flow of the digitization era. Let us show you what precisely an internet examination system is. An Online Examination system is an android, iOS and web-based application that helps to conduct online examinations on all devices that support networks. It is designed to exploit ultra-modern technology to produce numerous mechanisms to support and do each method associated with online communicating conductivity.

  • Its most significant purpose is to simplify its complicated process and insecure method of conducting online examinations. An Online Examination System is often used for multiple functions like: conducting online examinations (objective or subjective) and for evaluating the solution sheets further. Thus, such a flexible platform is unquestionably proving very helpful for the education sector further as for several alternative sectors.

  • Let us see the options embedded in such platforms thoroughly.

  • The Online Examination System works to stop any kind of cheating or malpractice administered by candidates. With the assistance of such systems, it's become exceptionally straightforward to watch the candidate even from a really remote location. Let us see the options offered by the Net Examination System that offers such a big amount of benefits. The three sorts of proctoring offered by the net examination system area unit as below:

  •  Image-based mostly proctoring:

  • The images of the candidates are taken with the help of a web camera or mobile camera after certain intervals of time. These images are stored in the database and the administrators can analyze it later for any discrepancy such as candidates not facing the camera, multiple faces in front of the camera, etc.

  •  Audio-based mostly proctoring:

  • In this kind of proctoring, a sound-sensitive technique is employed to capture any deviations within the sound. This feature sends an error notification if it senses even the slightest sound like a voice coming back from the candidate’s background, flipping of pages, etc.

  •  Video proctoring:

  • A proctor or supervisor monitors the candidates through an internet camera throughout the period of the communicating. This video footage is kept in order that it is often analyzed later if any candidate is suspected of cheating.

  • Our Online examination system is unit embedded with some mechanisms that are power-driven by computer science, let us show a glance at them.
  •  Object detection:

  • This feature helps to sight any suspicious movements touching on books or exploit any electronic devices to look for answers throughout the communicating activity. It will straight off stop the communication if it senses any deviation.

  •  Live chatting:

  • This feature uses chatbots for communication throughout communicating activity. The candidates can chat with the supervisor to resolve queries in order to resolve any doubt, the direct communication is conducted seamlessly.

  •  Facial recognition of the user:

  • The most well-liked technique of AI is automatic face recognition that is employed to scan the face of the candidate for authentication purposes before the examination begins. The candidate is provided the permission to start out the examination given that the scanned face matches the one kept within the information.

  •  Secure Browser:

  • This feature comes in handy when a candidate tries to switch to another window or tries to open a new window and even when there is some software running in the background which is used for recording or capturing screens. This feature can stop the exam and the candidate can get disqualified.

  •  IP address-based mostly proctoring:

  • As soon as the candidate launches the software, the IP address of the system gets stored in the database. This feature can stop the exam if the candidate tries to launch the exam on any system having a different IP address.

  •  Audit work:

  • This feature is very useful as it tracks down every activity such as login and logout time, start and end time of the exam, clicking of mouse, navigation between questions, etc. related to the exam. It sends an error notification in case of any discrepancy.