Best Exam Software

Which exam software is best?

  • 2021-08-28 16:56:40

Learn about the top exam software to create online exams, mock tests, and online classes.

Dealing with the assessment process includes controlling various exercises that are tiresome, tedious, and expensive. With the increasing volume of test-takers and developing requirements for evaluations and assessments through online examination software is the need of great importance. The best exam software empowers your organization to get hassle-free assessments, save time, and diminish costs without stressing about the location of the student, trainee, or invigilator.

What Is Exam Software?

Exam Software is the most widely used tool in education and training institutions. Exam software helps in creating, conducting, and then evaluating the exam. 

Computer-based testing through exam software allows hassle-free test writing (customized), scheduling, sharing, execution, control, and revealing test results. Online exam software permits real-time invigilation and eliminates the need to reach the center of the exam—the availability and accessibility of the exam increases. With online assessment software, organizations can make tests for administrative purposes, sales and product training, certification, online exams for students, mock tests, etc. 

Tools used in Exam Software  

Exam Software gives various devices and components to support better test creation and execution. It includes test/test writing devices, test-taking devices, online tests, test planning, scoring, text/picture editors, variety of question banks, on-screen assessment, analytical results, incorporated learning, user/ group management, security, access controls, remote proctoring, user feedback and certification. The test can be designed based on the need of the institute. The exam software offers options like objective, subjective, image-based, and even multiple-choice questions. 

How to Choose the Best Exam Software for Your Organization? 

The ideal exam software for your business gives every one of the essential instruments to control different phases of the assessment interaction for your association. It should be user-friendly and should be within the budget of the company. There is numerous software in the market; one of them is Class In Pocket. 

Class In Pocket is a web-based online exam software widely adopted by schools, colleges, and institutions. The software is both windows and android compatible. The feature of auto-grading of the test sheets in the application benefits both the student and the teacher. This application delivers more accurate, timely, and easy to access results. The students can revisit the evaluations later, too, as the data is saved on the cloud. There is no hustle to maintain handwriting notes and register. The results are protected with a password on the cloud. In case of corruption of hard drives, the exams will be safe as the backup is stored on the cloud.