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  • With the sudden spread of Coronavirus, the entire world was put on lockdown. The critical phase of lockdown was eventually lifted, but large gatherings and operating institutions with full attendance are still prohibited. This entire situation had wreaked havoc on the educational industry, especially since it was unprepared to deal with such chaos. Many schools, colleges, and universities quickly adopted online exam software and live classes, while others struggled for a long time.

  • Now that we are gradually progressing through the COVID era and have faced its drawbacks for the past 5 to 6 months, most of us are well prepared to overcome the setbacks, and the educational sector has no exception. They have easily transitioned to online forms of teaching and assessment and are making the most of them. With all of the attention that online exams received during this period, another technology emerged that proved to be a game-changer in the E-Learning industry, and that is Proctoring.


  • ’Tyton Partners, an investment advisory firm focused on the education sector, predicted early last year that the market for remote proctoring services would reach $4.2 billion in the United States and $19 billion globally.”


  • Remote proctoring has been available for a few years, but it has not been widely accepted. With the unexpected increase in demand for E-Learning platforms during COVID, remote proctoring software began to gain much-needed recognition.


  • What is the functionality of online proctoring software?


  • Online proctoring software allows test takers to take the online test from their location while the entire test is remotely monitored by a proctor. A grid view on the proctor's laptop or desktop screen allows him to see each candidate taking the test. The monitoring process begins with candidate authentication, followed by test monitoring via webcam activation and audio-video recording.


  • Remote Proctoring Software is in high demand!


  • Not only have schools, colleges, and coaching institutes shifted to online teaching and examination, but so have some of the world's most prestigious certification bodies. Corporates are another sector that has become a major user of this technology.

  • Recruiters no longer rely solely on the fancy words in resumes and have begun to conduct pre-employment tests that provide reliable insight into a candidate's proficiency and skills. With the incorporation of remote proctoring software into online recruitment tests, the overall chance of forming winning teams has increased significantly.


  • How has remote proctored increased the demand for online exam software?


  • Its scalability factor has been increased-


  • Previously, online exams could only be taken in centres that were pre-assigned to candidates based on their geographic location. In this case, invigilators were hired, and monitoring was done via CCTV cameras installed in the examination hall.


  • This type of limitation was removed with the incorporation of remote proctoring technology into online exams. Test-takers could easily take online exams from the comfort of their home/remote location in a secure, cheat-proof environment.



  • Online exams now have more flexibility-


  • Previously, online exams were only available in test centers or classrooms. Remote proctoring not only removed this restriction but also increased its flexibility. Candidates can now schedule their exams around their schedules, and the proctor can monitor the test later with the availability of recorded audio-video recordings.


  • Improved the report section's accuracy-


  • Online exam software can generate detailed reports, but with online proctoring software, another vertical has been added to the report section.The report generated by proctoring software analyses and mentions not only the overall score but also an accurate overall performance during the test.


  • Think Exam online proctoring software features that facilitate these advancements-


  • Think Exam offers smart, long-lasting, and robust online remote proctoring software that is adaptable to all types of proctoring requirements imposed by various industries and sectors. Think Exam's proctoring software is used by millions of clients from corporations and educational institutions all over the world.


  • Some of the most noteworthy features of Think Exam remote proctoring software are as follows: