5 Best Online Exam Software

5 Best Online Exam Software

  • 2021-08-28 16:02:28

Presently, with the growing virtual culture, the popularity of e-learning has increased two-fold. Every institution is connected to the online platform and trying to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic with innovative ideas. The best exam software helps conduct exams and even delivering classes to the students.


Assessment and evaluations are a part of a mandatory cycle in schooling. Assessments will help the instructors and schools realize how much the students have picked up during their classes. The conventional assessment and evaluation may not be conceivable today due to the distance restraint.

Online assessments permit you to regulate the required tasks. The assessment interaction is easy as the software offer provisions like automated evaluation, performance analysis, report care generation, online proctoring, and various other features. Thus, making the examination process hassle-free.


Class In Pocket

Class In Pocket is a web-based online exam software widely adopted by schools, colleges, and institutions. The software is both windows and android compatible. The feature of auto-grading of the test sheets in the application benefits both the student and the teacher. This application delivers more accurate, timely, and easy to access results. The students can revisit the evaluations later, too, as the data is saved on the cloud. There is no hustle to maintain handwriting notes and register. The results are protected with a password on the cloud. In case of corruption of hard drives, the exams will be safe as the backup is stored on the cloud.

Key features-

1. Online Proctoring

2. Customized Questions Markings and grading

3. Customized features to suit your school, coaching, or teachers needs

4. Objectives and subjective pattern of questions in a randomized fashion

5. Online and Offline access to exams



Learnpod is a widely used exam creation software that has an engaging interface and helps in the seamless conduction of examinations. Teachers can choose between various templates to create tests for the students.

 Key features- 

1. Customizable randomized question bank templates 

2. Attendance tracker 

3. Automated evaluation of the exams 

4. Virtual report card 

5. Performance analysis 



ClassMarker is a cloud-based online exam software that various schools and universities use. It is compatible with most internet browsers and helps schools to examine their website. It offers numerous outstanding features with fundamental ones, including timetable generation and accessibility dates for tests. It is an easy-to-use application and gives an assortment of templates to the instructor to plan exams for the students. 

Key Features- 

1. 100 free test templates for a month

2. A highly secured external server

3. Customized feedback 

4. Data backup on cloud 


Edbase works on the SaaS platform, so it does not require any download of plug-ins. It is one of the most used software for conducting exams. 

Key Features- 

1. Enabled media sharing 

2. Works online and offline 

3. No number restriction 

4. Randomized question bank 

5. Personalized feedback 

Think Exam 

Think Exam is an Online Exam Software that offers easy exam-creating programming using a hassle-free interface. There are a lot of features that make it stand out among the rest. It has multiple language input and online proctoring by recording the students in the trial. This software helps you create exams with depute timelines, enables transparency of the text, randomized questions, uses tags for smooth searches. Along with that, the software can also allocate penalties for incorrect answers. The pricing starts are 66 dollars per month for 500 test attempts.

Key Features-

1. Unlimited storage

2. Variety of question types like MCQ’s, True- False, Fill ups, Multiple responses, Match following, Match matrix, and essay type questions 

3. Instantaneous analysis 

4. Secured servers