10 Best Exam Maker Software of 2021

Best Exam Maker Software of 2021

  • 2021-08-28 16:35:18

What is the best exam software to use during COVID-19? 

Presently, remote learning has become simpler because of the various learning devices, such as online exams software accessible for instructors and coaches. The valuable features include simple test creation, accessibility of prepared questions to students at home comfort, a variety of templates, customization settings, automated reviewing, and scoring, etc. With the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and other educational institutions have no resort to conducting the exams online. However, the institutes find this method troublesome and are hesitant to use it. They need to realize that online exam maker software is a more straightforward and advantageous approach to direct tests. This will guarantee higher commitment and support by students while they're at their homes. 

After looking at the various software available in the market, it might confuse you, so here is a list of our top 10 exam maker software. 

You can choose your software after going through the features of each app. 

There are numerous online test manufacturers out there that let you make and evaluate online tests. While some of them allow you to create online tests free of cost, others might charge you. Before you pick one for yourself, it's significant that you run a legitimate correlation of the relative multitude of devices. 

So how about we rapidly examine the best 10 best test producer programming you can go for during the COVID-19 lockdown.

A. ClassInPocket :

ClassInPocket is another choice among the clients. It works in partnership with EXAMKUL. It provides users with user-friendly options that make the online test and exam conduction hassle-free. The most standing out characteristics are as follows:

1. Mobile friendly

2. Brilliant data security

3. Organize and share study material

4. Conduct live and even record lectures

5. Personalized Assessments and reports

Best Exam Software | Class In Pocket™

B. ClassMarker 

ClassMarker is a cloud-based internet assessment program that is used by organizations, schools, and colleges. It works with most internet browsers and permits test producers to effectively conduct tests on their own sites. Educators can make up to 100 tests each month with the free form of ClassMarker. It offers many notable highlights with essential ones, including the capacity to draw timetables and accessibility dates for tests and the chance to sell tests you've made on the web. It is an easy-to-use application and provides a variety of formats for the educator to designed desired tests. Test-takers can even upgrade the features by taking a minimal amount subscription.


C. Edbase

Edbase is an online test software for teachers and students. While Edbase's free arrangement just permits up to 10 clients and 20 tests each month, they compensate for these restrictions with significant highlights. Locked screens during testing, security checks for cheating, and online and offline accessibility stand out among the other software. The paid version is available at the starting price of $30.


D. Eklavya:

Eklavya is a widely used online assessment software. The free version allows 25 exams, and its validity is 15 days. The paid version for one year costs 30000 rupees for a year. It offers a variety of features which makes it a preferred choice among schools and institutes. It has the following features:

1. AI-based online proctoring

2. It can be used on a smartphone

3. Provides systemic analytical assessments

4. Screen evaluation system which helps in automatic score calculations

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E. FlexiQuiz :

FlexiQuiz is another incredible online test and free test creator software, which makes tests and appraisals easy. This is a free online test producer, which likewise permits you to examine tests and the clients' performance. Tests can be designed for a particular audience or for everybody. If you are searching for cost-effective software, the correct choice will be available as the paid version can be available at 1520 rupees per month.

Free Test Generator - easily create an online quiz (flexiquiz.com)

F. Think Exam :

Think Exam is an Online Exam Software that offers easy exam-creating programming using a hassle-free interface. There are a lot of features that make it stand out among the rest. It has unlimited storage of 7 questions, detailed test analysis, multiple language input, and online proctoring by recording the students in the trial. This software helps you create exams with depute timelines, enables transparency of the text, randomized questions, uses tags for smooth searches. Along with that, the software can also allocate penalties for incorrect answers.

 The pricing starts are 66 dollars per month for 500 test attempts.

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G. ExamSoft

 With the help of Examsoft, you can build and evaluate exams quickly. The application helps collect and organize tests in a single place and provides detailed feedback to the test taker. The exam security is very secure, and the accreditation standards are maintained high. The pricing is available only on the request. 

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H. ProProfs Exam Software:

ProProfs is a leading software in the COVID-19 pandemic, as it provides excellent templates which are ready to use. The grading is automated, and there is a provision for making customized logos, background, and color schemes. The software also generates completion certificates automatically after the completion of the test. The pricing starts at as low as 0.25 dollars per quiz taker for a month.  

Quiz Maker | Online Quiz Software to Make Free Quizzes (proprofs.com)

I. Pesofts

Pesofts is a reliable online examination software that helps in conducting online and offline exams. It provides high-security settings and is very cost-effective. It has a friendly interface that can be used in schools for educational purposes and companies for recruitment purposes. The support is available 24/7 and can be used on laptops and phones. IT provides customizable themes, questions, evaluation reports, and easy storage of data. The pricing starts at 41 dollars for 50 students.

Pesofts - Free Online Exam Pricing, Features & Reviews 2021 - Free Demo (softwaresuggest.com)

J. Conduct Exam:

 Conduct Exam is an online platform with innovative solutions to conduct exams. The software is highly efficient in reliability and speed. The interface is amicable and makes test creation easy. You can also import word and excel files for different subjects. Multimedia sharing is more manageable and compatible with all devices. The pricing is available on request.

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